5 Mantras to Become a Beauty Professional in India

The demand for beauty professionals in the modern era is sky high. The film industry, several brands related to beautification, salons etc require skilled beauty professionals at a brisk rate. One who has mastered his skills in beautification and wellness can be referred to as a trained professional in this field of work. A bit of creativity, a bit of artistry and a bit of imagination is all you require to an expert and in demand. Let’s talk about a few careers in the beauty industry to suit your skills and be associated to if you’re an aspiring beauty professionals in the country.

1. You can aim to be a cosmetologist. If you’ve the knowledge of hair care, skin care , makeup, personal grooming, etc you can be a cosmetologist which is undoubtedly the most in demand line of work. You can get a job in leading salons, spas etc fixing hair, waxing, or doing makeup for example. Shining in this field can get you a chance to work in cinemas , fashion shoots, shows etc.

2. You can work as a beauty therapist too. Unlike a cosmetologist, beauty therapists do not have their work confined to the four walls of a salon. A departmental store or pharmacies can also provide work for you. A certified beauty therapist can work as a waxing technician, nail artist, makeup artist, skin care expert, or hair stylists independently or with salons and cosmetic brands. An experienced campaigner might guide you to the limits of the field if you wish to.

3. A hairstylist might also be the right job for you. The demand for a good haircut, a good hair colour will never go out of style. Hence, hair stylists will always be in high demand. Cutting, Spa, smoothening, straightening etc are the services you can offer as a hair stylist. Keeping track and acquiring the latest trends in this field can earn a fortune for you!

4. You can choose to work as a skincare expert. A course in nail art throws light on specialised areas like nail treatments, gel extension, acrylic nail extension, and cut, file and polish. It is not confined to activities like manicure and pedicure. Creativity in designs and bit of imagination can make dull nails look beautiful. Working with precision and keeping track of the latest nail art designs is what this field of work demands. You can set up your own nail art studio if you are willing to take the risk.

5. Last but not the least, you can be a skincare expert as well! A skin care expert suggests clients on skin care regime and beauty products as per skin categories. You can provide professional services like bleaching, waxing, manicure, pedicure, anti-ageing treatments etc. They mostly work in salons, spas, as a representative for skin care products in medical stores etc.

Professional Makeup Courses might be what you are looking for as a beginner trying to enter into this field. As it is quite clear, the opportunities are vast and with the right dose of creativity, determination and imagination, one can reach the sky and never look back!



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