5 Professional Make Up Skills that you will Master at Kapil’s Salon and Academy

Make-up artists are in high demand nowadays. It is a well-groomed profession if it is taken seriously. The make-up artists are earning handsome amounts with this profession.

It is like being born with a silver spoon if you have your own makeup studio. The make-up artists are required in the field of theatre, film and fashion industry, concerts etc.

So, if you are also planning to learn the skills of doing makeup then Kapil’s salon and academy is the best place to join makeup classes in Mumbai. The five skills which you can develop and hone at the academy are:

  1. Bridal makeup: The bride is the spotlight of the grand occasion. It is important that she should look different and the most beautiful lady on her wedding day. At Kapil’s salon, the trainers get an opportunity to learn the skills of doing the make-up of the bride with great perfection.

The skills which are being taught to the students are the application of foundation in the right amount with evenly spread on the face, knowledge of the tools used in a specific application of the cream or lotion, taking immense care of safety and hygiene, analysis of the skin, face shape and skin tones. Every person has a different kind of skin texture and its reaction to sensitivity.

Thus, it is important to work with great caution so that the customer may not feel offended. It is highlighted by the professional experts when they give training to the aspirants in make-up classes in Mumbai.

  1. Hairstyling: Hairstylists enhance the beauty of the person. The right hairstyle should go with the right face. The beauty of the makeup is enhanced with the right hairstyle suited to the face.

Makeup Courses in Mumbai is incomplete when the institute does not focus on the training of this aspect. At Kapil’s salon academy all these skills are taught with great concern. It is to be given extra emphasis. The trainer should also have the vision to put the accessories in the hair to make it more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Saree draping: Saree draping skills are also taught in makeup courses. Nowadays, Saree is draped in different ways which transform the looks of the person. It is the dress which can be worn in lehenga style and many other categories like butterfly saree drape, Gujarati Saree, mermaid saree etc. the trainer should have the skills of coming up with unique ideas to make the customers happy. Such skills can only be learned at Kapil’s academy.
  2. Occasional makeup: Every time it is not required that the customer comes for bright makeup. The trainers are trained to do the makeup according to the occasions and should also be trained to do the makeup according to the age of the person. It is important to learn the fine techniques of the makeup course which can only be learned by joining professional makeup courses.
  3. Fashion makeup: The fashion industry is a glamorous world and it is important to do brighter makeup to make the celebrities brighter and shiny. They should not look dull and listless during their ramp walks or while they are addressing the media. In the make-up academy.

it is taken care of that the students are taught the concept of makeup and develop the techniques where they can apply darker shades and where they can apply lighter. The glamorous world is always in the limelight and the media does not miss an opportunity to click their photo. So, the makeup artist should take care of all these things while doing the makeup of the people associated with the glamorous world.




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