5 Reasons Why Professional Hairstyling Can Be A Good Career Option in 2023

For those of you who are interested to pursue a career in hairstyling in Mumbai, there are certain things that you should know. You may be residents of Mumbai or planning to get enrolled in a hairstyling academy in Mumbai, after relocating from a different place.

What is hairstyling?

Hairstyling consists of both cutting and styling hairs. Your hairstyle is important as it can change your appearance to a great extent. A most ordinary face can look gorgeous with a suitable hairstyle. Also, it would accentuate the attire of an individual. It also influences your personality in the sense that a nice hairstyle increases your confidence. Starting from the trendy, bold, elegant, or classic hairstyle, it depends on how you wish to express yourself.

Why hairstyling is a good career option?

Hairstyling is a profitable career option. 

You can earn a fair amount of money if you can make a name for yourself as a good hairstylist. Mumbai can give you several opportunities as there is the film industry, and most of the individuals residing here are fashion conscious. But the first step would be to choose a good hairstyling institute in Mumbai.

Be a professional hairstylist or an individual who knows hairstyling.

To be a professional hairstylist, you have to get a certificate or a diploma after the completion of a course. To simply learn hairstyling, there is no such compulsion. There are no age criteria also. The basic skills that are required are communication, creativity, negotiation, etc.

You can learn about different hairstyling courses in Mumbai by searching on the websites. The courses cover different aspects of hairstyling like the nature of the hair and scalp, colouring, straightening, hair extensions, etc.

You can choose how to work.

There are various types of hairstyling jobs:

Work in a salon 

You can start as a trainee or intern. After you have sufficient experience on the job, you can grow to become a senior stylist or a major stylist. You can earn as much as INR. 85,000 per month.


You can work as a freelancer without any binding with a salon or employer. You have to find out clients on your own and work at your convenience without any time constraint. A freelancer can also earn as much as a major stylist.

The Film industry, television, and fashion industry

These industries provide huge opportunities and good earning potential. There are numerous characters in movies, serials, shows, news channels, reality shows, and so on. You can get to show your skills, get recognitions and recommendations if you can impress and offers would pour in. you can work as a personal hairstylist for celebrities or have a team of your own to cater to the demands of these industries.

The earnings would be greater than either in a salon or as a freelancer.

Salon owner

This may be difficult at first as you have to invest and also form a good team of workers. Experience always leads to learnings and once you can form a stable business of your own, you can earn more than INR. 1,00,000 per month.

Recession would not affect your business if you conduct it skillfully.
Option to choose from different courses

The hairstyling classes in Mumbai may have a duration of a few days to more than three months depending on the type of course that you would prefer – long term or short term. Fees are affordable and the courses would generally include:

  • Ethics and hygiene
  • Self-grooming
  • Communication and soft skill
  • Lessons on male and female haircuts
  • Colouring
  • Styling
  • Practice on individuals/ live models

The best part is that you would get to practice under the guidance of experienced stylists until you become an expert yourself.

Earlier, haircutting was considered a casual business without people paying much attention to hair grooming and styling. This has changed a lot, particularly with women’s hairstyling. Youngsters like to experiment with colours and styles to keep up with the international trend. Global exposure also affects the changing concept in hairstyles.

With this comes an increase in the demand for hairstylists. There is a lot of planning and thought that go into this process nowadays. Stylists collect inputs from their counterparts across the world and institutes compete with each other in designing the best courses related to hairstyling for their students.



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