How to Master the Art of Long-Lasting Makeup in Hot Weather

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When you spend a lot of time doing your own makeup, it is natural to expect it to last longer. However, it is also important to know the magic that helps you keep the makeup intact, regardless of the scorching sun that washes off the makeup with sweat. Achieving long-lasting makeup might not be possible as, at times, your foundation might melt, the eye shadow rubs off, or the lipstick fades. The flawless makeup you perfectly applied might look messy and smudged. This will leave you irritated and insecure all day. Suppose you wish to keep your makeup fresh and flawless throughout the day to appear terrific and confident even in hot weather. Worry not; with the guidance and help of the Hair and Beauty Academy in Mumbai, you can learn how to unlock your potential and discover the convenience of makeup courses. 

Expert Strategies from Makeup Academy in Mumbai to Master the Art of Long-lasting Makeup in Hot Weather

A flawless makeup look is independent of one primer, foundation, or specific branded product. It also depends on how you apply your makeup, skin type, and others. Here are a few tips recommended by experts at Kapil’s Salon, the renowned Makeup Academy in Mumbai.    

  • The Right Preparation:

Before starting the makeup process, proper and organized skin care is essential. This helps to keep your skin hydrated and make a long-lasting makeup base. Cleaning the face helps remove dirt or extra oil on the skin layer. An oil-free moisturizer during your skincare is better for oil-prone skin types. Then, start with a primer designed especially for the hot weather so that it doesn’t melt off, keeping a smooth and uniform base for further composition. 

  • Use Long-wearing Formulas or Solutions:  

When it comes to hot weather, the less you apply, the better. Look for a lightweight, breathable composition that is resistant to heat and humid climates. Heavy compositions might look messy in a hot environment due to sweat. Thus, long-lasting foundations, tincture moisturizers, and other creams that provide seamless coverage without feeling heavy or greasy and are better for the skin type are ideal to use.    

  • Powder Complexion and Application:  

Set your look with a fine, loose powder to create a long-wear base that the heat can’t ruin. Powder products last longer than cream or liquid products, making them ideal to apply on top of the makeup formula, including a primer or foundation. Concentrating on the oily regions or the Tone that includes the area of your face encompassing your forehead, chin, and nose is advisable.   

  • Eye Makeup: 

Every time you invest in makeup, it is essential to ensure that it is sweat-proof and suitable for your skin type. You can pair your waterproof eyeliner with a waterproof mascara for an elevated look. This will give your eyes a bold look and provide volume to your eyelashes. It is essential to choose the right shade of your eyes for makeup. It is important to be familiar with the colour theory.   

  • Use The Right Lipstick: 

Make sure every makeup is complete with the right shade of lipstick or lip-gloss. If you are a person who is into makeup and studies makeup, you must be aware that lip-gloss fades away after a specific period due to its texture. However, it’s not the case with lipstick; it lasts around eight hours or maybe more. With the right lipstick, you can acquire a matt finish that does not smudge or fade.   

  • Setting Spray: 

Every makeup is complete with the setting spray. Setting spray helps to lock your makeup in place. This product is a must if you wish to have makeup that lasts through the day. A setting spray also ensures that your makeup doesn’t settle in fine lines and gives a finished look. 

The scorching sun outside can be challenging for your makeup to set, especially with the sweating. However, having the proper understanding of your makeup, from basics to professional makeup, is essential, especially if you like makeup or are looking to learn makeup with the help of makeup courses in Mumbai.  

With Kapil Salon and Academy, you can acquire the proper guidance from our expert instructors; we ensure that each student gets special attention so that talent is noticed, and art is unseen. With our makeup courses in Mumbai, you can acquire a better future in the makeup industry. Join us at the Kapil Salon and Academy today. 




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