Is It Possible to Make a Decent Living as a Hair and Beauty Specialist in India?

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Beauty specialists and hairstyling are currently two of India’s most popular occupations.

There are several types of employment prospects for a skilled and trained makeup artist, ranging from wedding venues to special get-togethers and celebrations.

Unconventional occupations are gaining traction, due to a plethora of possibilities in every industry where anyone can make a respectable living without becoming an MBA or engineer. Make-up artists and hairstylists are in high demand in the fashion business.

Both men and women willingly spend money on brands and stylists to make them appear beautiful in everyday life.
Whether it’s conventional bridal make-up, parties, or fashion events, the artists are always coming up with new methods to make their clientele happy.

Even today, Bollywood and other regional film industries provide several opportunities for make-up artists to earn lucrative benefits and wages.

Even in theatre, television serials, commercial agencies, publications, and photography, there are ways to generate money.
Make-up artistry is a highly competitive business where the quality of your services determines your success.

This career will not only validate your artistic abilities but will also bring you money and renown if you master them.

Some of the makeup domains that will definitely make it possible for you to make a decent living are as follows:

Makeup artist: Enthusiasts are taught about skin types, make-up methods, product knowledge, fundamental correcting and concealing techniques, highlighter and concealer application, facial shapes, and the colour wheel.

The proper selection, application, and mix of foundation, as well as the usage of equipment and cleanliness, are all covered.

Hair artist: The hair of a person is one of the first things that people notice about them. People nowadays do not restrict their horizons to special events, but also to shopping and socialising with friends.

Hairstylists are in more demand as a result of the changing fashion preferences.

A four to the eight-week course will teach you styling, massages, hair therapy, scalp treatment, cutting, Bollywood styling, brow shaping methods, sophisticated ramp styles and bridal hair techniques.

Bridal makeup artist: This course will teach you how to do make-up for the day and nighttime Indian and western bridal styles. The training includes selecting the right colour palette and deciding on bridal styles.
Highlight specialist: This course will teach you the essential abilities you’ll need to master colour placement. The goal of this course is to teach you about the link between precise cut and colour balance.

Prosthetic makeup artist: This is a common method of applying realistic prosthetic make-up in the entertainment business. It teaches tiny skills as well as how to use materials like glitter and body paint in miniature.

Camouflage makeup artist: These artists employ cosmetics to hide colour and contour irregularities on the face and body. Makeup may hide scars, bruises, blue stains, eye sockets, and even tattoos caused by skin dyschromia, sunspots, senile spots, acne, burns, stretch marks, scars, bruises, blue stains, and tattoos.
Personality remodelling: The unique selling point of this is that it combines the application of specific look make-up and hairstyles with suitable clothes and demeanour.

Post learning any of these highly popular in-demand makeup courses, it’s time to start your practical experience. For applying your learning and knowledge there are two avenues for you to make a decent living.

Working as a freelance makeup artist: The fundamental responsibilities of a freelance make-up artist are similar to those of a continuously hired artist, with the exception that the former is not a paid employee of a salon but rather works on a project basis.

It is often suggested that before you start working as a freelancer, you need to have some salon experience.

Open your own makeup salon: You may start your own makeup salon and work for yourself. To accomplish so, you’ll need to be familiar with beautifying procedures, business licences, and business strategies, as well as location, reliable funding, qualified and experienced professionals.

To begin with, there are many beauty academies in Mumbai that offer Professional hair and beauty Courses.
One of the most popular and reputed is Kapil’s Salon and Academy. It is a Hair and Beauty Academy in Mumbai which offers hair and beauty specialist courses to assist people like you who want to pursue careers in the same domain.

The Bridal Makeup, Saree Draping, Fashion Makeup, Creative Hair, and Temporary Styling are some of the courses offered which range from one to eight weeks and give good theoretical and practical knowledge.

You will be able to make a decent living and become a successful hair and beauty specialist in India after completing these beauty courses and starting your work.




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