Hairdressing as a career option in India

Tips To Become A Successful Hair Stylist

We all have been in a salon at least once. Well jokes apart. We all have been to a beauty parlour or a salon near your residence. We all want to look beautiful and hence we go these places which you think make us look beautiful. There are a lot of things that happens in a salon. But before we even go there, we have different thoughts or rather intent to go to salon.

So what can be they?

1) You go to salon because you are about to attend your best friend’s wedding/engagement and you really want to look good.
2) You are about to attend an important conference and you want to look presentable with correct hair and makeup.
3) Monthly hygiene ritual
4) Pampering yourself with some care doesn’t harm right?
5) Or let us say, just to be presentable enough for your day-to-day activities
We all go to these beauty salons with different intent but at the end, the main motive is that you want to look beautiful as beautifully said by John Ray, “Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.”

What is a Beauty Salon?

A beauty salon is an institution where different people, on an everyday basis work make people entering the salon worth the experience they came in for. They can be hair stylists, hair dressers, make up stylists, beauty consultants, skin experts. These are trained professionals helping you with queries regarding to skin, hair, body etc.
Let us deep dive into what all professionals do.

Hair Dressing / Hair Styling:

A hair dresser/stylist is a professional who cuts, trims your hair, might even colour them for you to make you look different. These professionals are trained from well-to-do beauty academy in Mumbai that understand the way you want to look and then perform those actions on your hair helping you achieve the look you desired for.

These professionals undergo rigorous training in the hair styling courses in Mumbai they have opted for and after these intense training sessions, begins their hunt to work for the best salons in Mumbai pursuing their dreams of being a “Hair Stylist in Mumbai”. There are bunch of hair and beauty academy in Mumbai that provide you with hair styling courses, Hair Dressing Courses that might help you achieve your dreams.
A lot of these hair styling and hair dressing courses have helped people earn a livelihood for their families and are now working in glamorous industries helping the artists look beautiful that we go gaga over; be it an actress from Bollywood to starting up their own venture helping other women support their family.

Can Hair Dressing be looked as a career option in India?

Hairdressing has changed its course since the time we usually went to a salon to get our hair trimmed. It has now become a creative and imaginative field where you need to think before what the client wants to do with his / her hair.
Now-a-days, getting yourself a certified course in Hair Styling from a renowned Hair Academy in Mumbai is very easy and now a days a hit among the youths. You must be thinking what could be the eligibility criteria to become a successful hair dresser. Well, don’t push your brains to hard.

Here are the certain criteria that will help you become a successful hair dresser: –

– Good communication
– Negotiation Skills
– Training from a good Hairdressing Academy
– A minimum of 8th qualification

Looking at the career prospects of hair dressing, The Indian Hair Dressing / Styling Industry provides opportunities to all the aspirants who wants to be a part of this industry through various mediums may it be working in a salon or being a personal hair stylist for a particular artist from the television and film industry. With formal training, you can still be working as an in-house consultant for an agency who undertakes photo shoots, fashion houses and magazines.

If you have considerable experience in this industry and can market yourself, then you can even start your own business by providing the customers with latest services and trends running in the industry. You never know you might be the one making a revolution in this industry with your trends. So, I would suggest, work more, earn more. That should be your funda if you want to get into this industry. If you working as an independent stylist, you have still lot more options available.

You can work in the television industry for a particular celebrity or be an independent consultant to fashion magazines, agency who conducts photoshoots for models / actors. The more you think, the more options you have.

What do you think you can earn?

Fresher after graduating from hairdressing courses start career as hairstylist in salons gets salary in the range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000, But with more experience, you earn more. Be it you working for a reputed salon like Kapils Salon & Academy , hard work will do its magic. You just have to push yourself more and more and learn more to make the best out of it.

So, if you are ready to take certain challenges that bring out your creative and passionate juices flowing, I guess hair styling is the industry for you to work on!