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How do Erection Pills for Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Did you know that antidepressants and antipsychotics that are prescribed by doctors to treat mental illnesses and depression can cause erectile problems for men? There are solutions to these causes of poor sexual health in men. One of the most effective solutions is erection pills for erectile dysfunction made from natural ingredients. At MensHealthAdvisor.org, you can find these solutions not only readily available but with ample information and unbiased opinions via user reviews and product comparisons.

But before you try one of these natural male enhancement pills, it is important to know what the possible causes and natural remedies to treat ED are. It will then be easier to decide on the suitable solution to fight the condition.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are numerous conditions and causes that could lead to poor sexual health and erectile dysfunction in men, such as:

  • Medicinal Causes: As mentioned earlier, antidepressants, antipsychotics, prostate cancer drugs, blood pressure medication, anti-ulcer drugs, recreational drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana, medications to control cholesterol levels and even alcoholism can lead to poor sexual health in men.
  • Psychological Causes: Depression, anxiety, lack of confidence in bed and at the workplace, stress and even mental illnesses are known causes of ED in men.
  • Surgical Causes: Some surgeries that could lead to erection problems include Proctocolectomy, Radical prostatectomy, certain sorts of bypass procedures, abdominal perineal resection, as well as treatment for certain types of cancers, including colon, bladder, rectal and prostate. Surgical procedures for removing the urinary bladder and cryosurgery for the prostrate are other procedures that could lead to ED.
  • Physical Causes: Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular diseases, Scleroderma, some liver conditions, such as liver cirrhosis, spinal injuries or disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and uncontrolled levels of iron in blood, and kidney failure can cause erectile problems in men. Other conditions that may cause such problems are epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and even stroke. Also, hormonal imbalance in the body is a major reason for ED.
  • Trauma: Bicycle riding for long periods of time or injury from the same may lead to erectile problems. Peyronie’s disease is associated with this condition.

Natural Remedies for Erectile Problems

The mental and psychological causes of poor sexual health in men can be easily treated with professional help. There are counselors and sex therapists who help overcome anxiety or lack of confidence in bed. But for the other causes, the most natural solutions include leading a disciplined life with a healthy diet and lots of physical activity, such as regular exercise, martial arts or yoga. But for men of today, all of this may not be a viable solution. Erection pills for erectile dysfunction just might be the right alternative.

How Can Erection Pills Help in Sexual Enhancement for Men

Erection pills for erectile dysfunction are made out of natural ingredients that look after the overall health of the reproductive organ, without being intrusive on your daily life. They have regular dosages and can be taken with parallel medications, although it is suggested that you check with your physician whether the ingredients in the pills will react with your other medicines. Also, these pills are available in plenty. You simply need to research the products on a well-known review site such as MensHealthAdvisor.org and choose the solution that suits you best.

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